One of the things I love about the painting process is how each phase can assert itself and satisfy my experimental tendencies. In this painting, there were several layers applied with acrylic paint which helped me play, loosen up, create texture, and just get something going (sometimes this is the hardest part - the blank panel!). After several painting sessions, I put away my acrylics and started working over the underpainting with cold wax and oil paint. I mixed galkyd gel (G Gel) with the cold wax (1:3) to strengthen the final wax surface (the G Gel has resin in it), and this mixture was then blended with the oil paint in an approximately 1:1 ratio. The consistency is soft and easy to apply with silicone brushes. I have found that I can work quite solvent free by thinning this mixture and cleaning my brushes and tools with pure citrus oil.

Bits and Bobs, 36x36in, Cold Wax/Oil