Artichoke on Edge, Mixed Media, 12x12in (Lost in 2016 Roaring Lion Fire

Artichoke on Edge, Mixed Media on Panel, 12x12in (lost in Roaring Lion Fire)

How do you define Success? Success is a general and relative term, isn't it? In the art world, or, in your own personal art world, how do YOU define success? For every artist, I think there is a different definition and, given this website is dedicated to all definitions of success in art, I thought I would list my top 10 definitions of success if I had to narrow it down to just 10, as there are probably 100's of definitions - do you agree? (If so, please post your definition of success below!)

1) To seek one's innermost feelings, beliefs, experiences and thoughts and attempt to express them visually, is SUCCESS.

2) The moment a mark is made on a blank canvas, panel or sheet of paper, is SUCCESS.

3) To be able to tap into spontaneity, playfulness, and become lost in the process, rather than the product of our creations, is SUCCESS.

4) To dig deeper every time we enter our studio, asking ourselves for more - more authenticity, more honesty, more synchronicity between our art and life, is SUCCESS.

5) To engage in the process of learning how to express ourselves better, is SUCCESS. We realize our intuition can carry us for a very long ride, but art truly IS a science, the definition of which is "something that may be studied or learned" (Webster's Dictionary). No one should doubt that to be an artist is also to be a scientist, and a creative scientist at that! Part of our job as creative scientists is to learn the visual language of art - ie, the principles of Color and Design.

6) When we pursue knowledge, whether we do an independent study, learn from the masters, read about art history, take a workshop, or get an art degree, etc, we increase our understanding of the visual language of art. This is SUCCESS.

7) To sync our visual expression with our ability to verbalize what we see requires fluency in the visual language of art - the design elements and principles and an understanding of color. These are our tools which compose the visual alphabet; if we choose to master our tools, that is SUCCESS.

8) To listen to our inner voice which somehow knows when a painting is truly finished, when the battle between art and conscience is over and what remains is the clearest, purest expression possible at the time (for what is finished today may not be the case tomorrow), and to not let social media or our cuddly dog make this decision for us, is SUCCESS.

9) To pursue multiple angles of expression, by changing the parameters of our comfort zone, is SUCCESS that leads to new awareness and discovery about ourselves.

10) If one can accomplish these 9 things, we will not be perplexed, frustrated or disappointed by lack of representation in galleries, sales, or any other socially acceptable and revered outward example of success; rather, we will have created what collectors and galleries ultimately seek - honesty and authenticity on the inside, which leads to everything we crave on the outside.

How do YOU define SUCCESS? I'd like to know! Please comment below :)

Happy Painting!