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How do I access the courses (or subscription group) I signed up for?

It is very easy to access the courses you have signed up for at In the upper right hand corner of my website, click on "Log in" and be sure to use the same username/password as when you signed up for my course(s). And, if you already purchased multiple courses in addition to mine through Teachable, you can also log in at

If you encounter any difficulty or errors, here are some easy steps that will likely solve the issue:

1) First, I suggest you restart your device (computer or laptop is much preferable to a cell phone in this case for problem solving).

2) Please try a different browser than the one you were using, so try Firefox, Chrome or Safari (I never use Microsoft Edge as it is very glitchy) and go to (please bookmark this page!)

3) In the different browser, click on "log in" and log in using the SAME username and pw as when you originally signed up for the course(s). If you forget your password, you can easily reset it here.

4) Once you are logged in, you will see thumbnails for each course or subscription group you have signed up for. All of my courses have LIFETIME access and as long as your subscription is current, you will see that thumbnail there as well. Just click on the thumbnail for the course or subscription group, and the very next thing you will see is the Curriculum!

5) If you get some type of error or don't see your courses/subscription groups, please email [email protected] (My entire school is hosted on the Teachable platform). They are the tech gurus who can help you further - try to provide screenshots and detailed info including which course you are trying to access and what the error message is telling you. Teachable will quickly help you access your course(s)!

Which class should I sign up for?

My main, flagship course which applies to all 2D mediums, is Powerful Design and Personal Color (PDPC) This course is comparable to a 3 credit University Course and focuses on the most important foundational principles of art - color and design, is what I recommend for any artist who needs to either reinforce, or learn for the first time, the elements and principles of design. Though I do my demos in Cold Wax/Oil, the principles I talk about apply to all 2D mediums. If you are an acrylic artist, I have an Acrylic and Mixed Media Techniques Course for you! I also offer a Working in a Series with Complex Color (Acrylic/Mixed media course - these two smaller courses reinforce everything you learn in the PDPC course! All of my courses are "self-paced" and available 24/7, FOR LIFE!

If you wish to subscribe to my expansive Watch Learn Grow Library (WLG Library) - I have 80+ hours of video for you to binge on - demos of me painting (much longer, comprehensive videos than those on my YouTube channel), critiques of lots of paintings from my Master Class artists, interviews, tutorials and tips! For just 30 cents a day, it is by far the very best reinforcement for any course you take - whether from me or another artist! Watch, Learn and Grow with each and every video you view! You may learn more about this Library of Videos by CLICKING HERE!

If you are an advanced artist with a solid understanding of color and design (ie, you have enrolled in my PDPC course), you may wish to apply for my Watch Learn Grow Master Class where I do two LIVE critiques of members' work each month. We also have a private Facebook group and each member has 24/7 access to the WLG Library. You may APPLY HERE.

How do I cancel my subscription? Please follow these steps:

1) Just log in at

2) Click on the thumbnail image corresponding to the group you wish to unsubscribe from, and

3) In the upper right hand corner, you'll see a "people" icon. Click the people icon and choose "Manage Subscriptions". You can easily cancel your subscription here!

If you wish to cancel the WLG Master Class, just click "Unsubscribe" under "Manage Subscriptions", then you may join the WLG Library here.

NOTE: If you have any difficulties at all, it may just be a tech issue! Please contact tech support at Teachable and they will help you unsubscribe. They can be reached at [email protected]

How can I check the status of my membership, cancel my subscription, or update my credit card?

1) Simply log in at, click on the "people" icon in the upper right hand corner, and click on "Manage Subscriptions". This is where you can update a credit card, check the status of your account, or unsubscribe from my subscription groups!

2) IMPORTANT! If you are subscribed to any of my subscription groups, make sure your NEW, updated card is connected to your subscription. Click on "Manage Subscriptions", select the subscription you have, and make sure it is LINKED to your new card. After you have done this, you can DELETE the old credit card.

NOTE: If you have any difficulties at all, it may just be a tech issue! Please contact tech support at Teachable and they will help you unsubscribe, update a credit card, or help you log in should you experience any challenges! They can be reached at [email protected]

Where can I get information on webinars and when they are starting?

If you have registered for a webinar but missed it or would like to see it NOW, just click this recording of my webinar so you can listen at your own convenience, 24/7! Here is the link - just CLICK HERE to watch my recorded webinar now!

I'm having difficulties finding videos/ links. Where can I find them?

The Watch Learn Grow Library (WLG Library) is a very large collection of my videos and each video is neatly filed in it's own special category (see below)! If you know what category Please become familiar with these MAIN categories, and you will almost always be able to find the video you are looking for! When I announce new videos, I will tell you which category it is in, along with the date (if it is a recording of a LIVE call). Just scroll through the curriculum (library) until you locate the appropriate category! Newest videos are always added at the bottom of the category. Here is a list of categories that are in the WLG Library:

Pam's Painting Process, Tutorials and Tips

WLG Library - Q&A LIVE/Recorded CALLS

WLG Master Class LIVE Call (CRITIQUE)

Interviews and SPECIAL TOPICS with WLG/PDPC members

WLG Painting/Design Challenges

Pam's Quick Clips

Tutorials and Digital Media

PROFESSIONAL TOPICS (Exhibitions, Proposals, Artist Talks, Behind the Scenes, Etc)

INTERVIEWS with Galleries, Museums & Creatives


My Life Outside the Studio!

YouTube VIDEOS- UNCUT, full length Versions - Available only in WLG LIBRARY!