Welcome to Art and Success!

My name is Pam Caughey, and I'm happy you have found me here. I am a professional artist who has been through a very interesting journey over the past 30+ years. Though I always loved art from a very early age, I was encouraged to pursue something "useful" as a career first, and then "do my art as a hobby". I remember hearing this on and off while young, but especially when it was time to make a decision about what to major in when I went off to college.

I was influenced by my parents and relatives to "do the right thing", and in my mind, it was clear what the "right thing" was for me to do. So, I went off to study biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI from 1980-1983. During those four years, I studied hard, got pretty good grades, but didn't realize until I was in my last year that perhaps I had made a mistake. Through a chain of events, I realized I had been trying to fit a square peg in a very circular hole, and though I hope to one day write a book about all that has happened since, suffice it to say since graduating with a BS in Biochemistry, I have found my way (quite miraculously), as a happy and fulfilled artist. My story is perhaps like yours - not exactly a straight line! Leaving one world (science) and entering another (art) took me through several decades of ups and downs, struggles, joys, fear, doubt, challenges, triumphs, etc. and eventually lead me to return to school and earn my MFA in painting and drawing at the University of Montana, School of Art in 2010.

I can honestly say that being an artist is the most challenging thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding. We are all creative human beings, and express it in many different ways. I am thankful that in this lifetime, I have found not only a way to express myself creatively, but have discovered how much I want and need to share all I know with every artist out there who has ever doubted themselves as an artist, had fear or struggled--because I was that artist, too. Everything I've experienced in life - from the greatest great to the darkest dark - has worked together to give my art the lines, shapes, colors, textures and meaning I continually seek from within.

This website is dedicated to all artists. May we figure out, in the shortest amount of time, how to say what we want to say, learn to paint what we love, realize we learn way more from our failures than from our successes, and create with childlike freedom, spontaneity and joy.