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Elysium, Oil and Cold Wax on Baltic Birch Panel, 48x48in

My "Watch-Learn-Grow" membership will include a number of different components, including exclusive videos of works in progress I am working on in my studio as I prepare for a large solo exhibition in 2020 at the University of Idaho's College of Art and Architecture, Prichard Gallery in Moscow, Idaho. As I prepare for this exhibition, I'd like to give members an opportunity to share in this experience by being a virtual "fly on my studio wall" throughout this process as a main component of this membership. I will be documenting and sharing:

•My process as I create this new body of work, my theme, my "thesis"

•How I evaluate an exhibition space to determine format, size and number of works

•Curatorial decisions an artist must make to create a cohesive exhibition

•How to write an artist statement

•Planning and creating a color catalog to accompany this exhibition

•How to document, title and price each work


Creating the body of work for my "Simply Not" exhibition at the Holter Museum of Art in 2017 was a journey filled with challenges, risk, progress and setbacks, especially when we lost our home when I was getting ready to create the final work. With a new exhibition in 2020 to work toward, I know the experience and personal/artistic growth over the next two years is something I want to document and share with others. While I'm honored to have this opportunity to create a body of work for public display, it requires intensive introspection and the need for greater risk, exploring new territory, experimentation, research and a need to push new boundaries in order to clarify my voice, a lifelong pursuit.

I welcome this challenge, and hope you will join me in this exclusive membership group as a way of sharing this experience with me.

In addition to video documentation, I will include occasional Q & A calls and interviews with specials guests. To receive more details and updates sign up below!

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"Pam Caughey is quite an inspiring teacher. Her clear and thoughtful instruction helped me expand my "tool belt" of techniques. Everything she taught me was not just to show me all that she knew but was designed with me in mind to help me find my artistic voice. She encouraged me to play and then play over play, adding multiple layers until my artwork spoke to me -- setting me on a path to my most personal art making yet."

-Valerie Corvin, Piedmont, CA


Your Instructor

Pamela Caughey
Pamela Caughey

Pamela Caughey grew up in Wisconsin, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from UW-Madison in 1983. After moving with her family to Hamilton, MT in 1986, she began her serious study of art, and in 2010 received her MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Montana School of Art. She works in many media, with special interest in cold wax/oil, encaustic, mixed media and acrylic. Her work is in the permanent collection of several museums and public buildings nationally and internationally and her work appears in the newly published book by Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin, “Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts, Conversations”. After teaching foundations courses at the University of Montana, Bitterroot College, Montana, she is now a full time studio artist and teaches workshops from her Hamilton, Montana studio, within the US and abroad.