Please read the following WATCH-LEARN-GROW Terms and Permission Agreement

WATCH-LEARN-GROW Membership General Guidelines and Permission form

To be included in this membership group, please review the following terms and "SIGN" your name (and date), at the bottom of the agreement! This is very important! I will not be able to include you in this group unless you sign and date the following:

  • As a WATCH-LEARN-GROW member, you will have access to all video content each month your membership dues ($20/month), are active and in good standing. Once dues are paid, you will have a month’s access to the WLG library and you will be notified of Zoom links for LIVE calls.
  • Each paid month is non-refundable, however you may cancel your membership at any time.
  • Each member may submit artwork to be critiqued for each LIVE or recorded call via the following form only:
  • and work will be reviewed and critiqued on a “first come, first serve” basis so it is important to submit work no later than 3 days before a scheduled call (LIVE call schedule will be available to all members when WATCH-LEARN-GROW membership officially opens mid-July, 2019).
  • While most months will include up to 2 LIVE calls which will be recorded and available in the membership library of videos, this will greatly depend on two things: 1) Number of works submitted for critique to Pamela Caughey for review (ie, if there are not enough submissions to create a 1 hour LIVE call, instructor will critique additional work from her studio, OR other sources, OR, provide video footage of other topics in her studio 2) During months when instructor is traveling and/or doing LIVE workshops the 2+ hours of new video content may include content generated outside the LIVE conference call platform (ie, video footage of Pam working in her studio, interviews with artists, special topics, etc.) as described in the membership description at as follows:

“TWO+ Hours of new video content each month - some from LIVE calls, and some from prerecorded content. These two+ hours of video content will include in depth critique of chosen student work submitted for review (each video, whether from a LIVE call or a recording done by me will become part of a new PDPC Membership Video Library).”

  • Pamela Caughey reserves the right to use all video content generated for the WATCH-LEARN-GROW membership group as future content for other non-PDPC membership groups in the (ie, a non-PDPC membership group video library).
  • By enrolling as a WATCH-LEARN-GROW member you are agreeing to allow Pamela Caughey to share video content generated in this membership group at her discretion to help her continue to provide additional awareness of her instruction and or to develop new future courses from selected video content.
  • You are also giving Pamela Caughey permission to share selected video content from a LIVE call on social platforms (FB, YouTube, etc.) at her discretion to further awareness of her education and training website: