Attention: Artists of ALL Levels!

Create 16 Personal, Cohesive Paintings In Less Than 90 Days using my THREE stages!

Without fear, procrastination or getting stuck!
Attention: Artists of ALL Levels!

Create 16 Personal, Cohesive Paintings In Less Than 90 Days using my THREE stages!

Without fear, procrastination or getting stuck!

10,000+ Happy Students

45k+ YouTube Subscribers

30 Years Of Experience

In This Masterclass, You’ll Learn:


1. How To Overcome Problem #1: Crippling Mind Games – Fear, Procrastination and Doubt are all in your head!

I'll show you a NO FEAR approach so you can embrace your Inner CHILD when you begin a painting!


2. How to Overcome Problem #2: I’m STUCK!

With the RIGHT Color and Design foundation, get UNSTUCK and blast ahead as you take RISKS like a TEEN!


3. How to OVERCOME Problem #3: IS my painting finished? How do I KNOW?

MASTER Color and Design so you can FINISH your paintings, featuring your personal, authentic ADULT voice !  


Technique is great but is NOT ENOUGH to help reach your highest artistic goals!

Most of my students stuck in their creative journey don’t need to learn more brush stroking styles… COLOR and DESIGN are KEY – guaranteed!


Artists of ALL levels and ALL mediums MUST HAVE the FOUNDATIONS of COLOR AND DESIGN and POSITIVE MINDSET to create their BEST work!


Let me SHOW YOU how in this free webinar :)

This Live Masterclass

is a Must Attend if…


✔ If you FREEZE when you see a blank canvas, have a hard time getting started or overcoming procrastination and fear! I’ll show you how to create 16 cohesive, personal paintings in 90 days or less!


✔ If you ever get STUCK and want to throw your painting in the trash!


✔ If you WANT to FINISH your paintings, but just don’t know how to tell if it’s done or not ready for prime time! TECHNIQUE is NOT enough! Find out why!


A Note From Pamela

I’ve been creating and helping 1000s of artists through in-person workshops and my ONLINE school, ARTandSUCCESS! My instruction is COLLEGE LEVEL and my students know it!

I understand the struggles YOU have because I also struggled in every way imaginable as an artist! But through my journey I learned the most important POWER TOOLS you MUST HAVE to create your BEST work, without fear or procrastination, and KNOW in your heart when your work is finished!
This brand new Masterclass is the condensed version of my BEST GOLD NUGGETS learned the hard way – over years of trials and tribulations! Tune in as I show you your journey to your success: 3 stages to create the art you LOVE without fear, procrastination or getting stuck!
SPECIAL BONUS GIFT if you watch till the end – it will allow you to take your art and mind to your highest creative level. It’s time, isn’t it?