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Art Success Masters

You Will Get :

1) ASM will build your CONFIDENCE and BELIEF in your PERSONAL VOICE!

2) This course contains 50+ hours of comprehensive lessons (Videos, Recorded LIVE Calls, and downloadable full color PDFS)  which take a DEEPER DIVE into everything covered in my flagship course, Powerful Design and Personal Color  (PDPC) course) . PDPC together with ASM are a powerhouse and can be taken together, separately or on their own.

3) Each of these 12 Master Classes was designed for approximately one month's study in your studio, but you can of course go at your own, comfortable pace.

4) Each of the 12 Master Classes builds on the previous one. They follow my proven SUCCESS PATH, tested by over 700+ artists!

5) ASM is geared for artists of ALL Levels and Mediums.

6) ASM focuses on creating a strong foundation in the Visual Language of Art.

Here are the many BONUSES you will experience as you go through the ASM course:

  1. You will grasp the importance and VALUE of your unique life and experiences. You will learn how to mine gold from your life, that will permeate through your art, resulting in the most personal art you could ever create.
  2. You will no longer have to piece together 1000s of mismatched puzzle pieces obtained from countless workshops that never fit together or resulted in better work. This ONE course provides all the pieces and they fit together perfectly.
  3. You will see your voice become clearer and clearer as you create one series after another, exploring different interests, muses, color palettes, and themes that appeal to you.
  4. You will not be stressed or anxious as you learn to slow down and benefit from a roadmap with a sustainable process that will pave the way to any and all of your artistic goals.
  5. Productivity and momentum will increase – what’s that worth to you?
  6. Your design and color toolbox will be so full of problem-solving ideas that you will know how to move forward, feel less stuck, and be able to critique your own work, too!
  7. Lastly, no one can hurt you anymore. When you believe in yourself, your voice, and have a concrete foundation of strong design and color, you will believe in your art and yourself. When this happened to me, no could hurt me anymore with negative comments. You will have the ASM bullet proof coat of armor – PRICELESS.
  • Each Master Class provides Painting Lessons/Exercises/Projects which will reinforce KEY concepts, foundations and skill in Color, Design, Abstract Composition and Personal Voice
    $1997 tuition, with several payment plans available

  • 30 day money-back guarantee

*30 day money-back guarantee (NOTE: This course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try it out at no risk. Please understand to protect my intellectual property rights and discourage people from downloading my PDFs and requesting a refund, I require a zoom call meeting (or phone call) prior to issuing you a refund. This will allow me to better understand how this course did not meet your needs so I can consider potential improvements in the future. After our conversation, I will issue you a refund for the full amount.)

All downloadable course materials and PDFs are watermarked and copyrighted and may not be copied or distributed in any way. Any copied materials found online are subject to legal consequences.