Beverly Yankwitt

ASM 1: Transformation

My paintings are on 140lb watercolor paper done with acrylic paint. They are 22x30 except for one which has been cropped to 21x21. Other than the medium and substrate, they don't have anything in common except that they are all old paintings that I have reworked, thus the title Transformation. I feel that I have transformed these paintings into ones that, in my opinion, are better. This transformation is also on a personal level. I think I have transformed into a better artist over the last year in ASM. I have applied what I have learned in the master classes to my art and have met some of my goals in the past year: signature status in National Watercolor Society, Southern Watercolor Society, and Florida Watercolor Society as well as acceptance into this year's American Watercolor Society Exhibition in New York. I haven't posted much, but I have worked very hard to complete the assignments and absorb as much as I can. ASM as well as Toph's lectures have been a game changer for me. Thank You!

Artist statement

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