Mindy Tillery

ASM 3: Flora & Fauna Fantasy

I began this series last July - inspired by nature, beauty, flora, fauna, the feminine, and the dreamy feeling of surreal energy in the absolute natural beauty both on earth & in the heavens. These paintings when viewed from a distance, seem like surreal abstractions, while when close up the details are quietly revealed. I love imagery, details & patterns.

My creative process begins by exploring with various digital layouts usually in a Keynote digital journal that I work from to get an idea of composition. I like to use imagery from the vast digital library I have collected over many years. Some images are scanned from old magazines, some are royalty-free images that appeal to me. I digitally manipulate the images then decide what I want to print. After printing I layout the piece often beginning with the use of mixed media as a ground then adding layers of collage imagery with encaustic medium, & clarifying with oil pastels, pan pastels, oil sticks, encaustic paint & encaustic medium. I love working in encaustic because it gives each piece a beautiful glowing sheen. The sizes for this series are 12" x 12", some are on cradled wood panels & some are on mat board. Two of the twelve pieces sold last November in a group show - Array of Light & In This Light. The collector also bought two other pieces from my series LIFE IS BUT A DREAM.

PS I have learned that working in series is such a wonderful way to tell visual stories & I continue to add to this series with pieces that I'm experimenting with working larger in acrylics recently. I really appreciate all that I have learned from you Pam in these past three years!

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