“What a gift you have for teaching and open-arm-welcoming us to your wondrous studio! I was so thrilled to be a part of the Beta Video Testing and wish you all success with your online course offering. I haven’t thought that hard about painting in a number of years as I have pursued other art forms and come to realize I have lots to work on if i want to get back to it. I indicated I like B/W/Limited color - perhaps because it’s what I understand. What I learned in your course was that my love of transparent mediums was allowing the process to do all the color work….with oils I had to rely on mixing those elusive overlapping colors and I have let myself become complacent in the collage process. Also, the idea of play first and refine / structure last is the opposite of my structure first and hang some fun on it. Your approach allows for more exploration.”
-Marion Lavery, Missoula, MT

“Pam, thanks so much for all your attention, support and wonderful instruction. It was such a pleasure learning from you and I feel grateful to have been a part of this class. You are a gifted instructor, artist and most importantly kind and patient, thank you.”
-Lauren Smith-Nagel, Greenville, SC

“The most important thing I got from the workshop was a better feel for what my artistic voice is that has been nagging at me to get out. I have so many ideas and now realize why I have been saving materials and things that I want to use. I can't wait to send you some pictures when I get some things finished. I need to play around and experiment with the medium for a while - like learning the words before I can speak in sentences. Thank you for pushing me in a more authentic direction. I will be forever grateful.See you in the future for sure.”
-Barb DeUgarte, Gettysburg, PA

"Many times, my intuition is right on target and deciding to work with Pamela in her 2018 mentoring program is one of those. I knew my art was steadily improving however, I suspected an objective eye on a regular basis would jump-start me into another plateau. Pam was already known to me as a disciplined, creative and prolific artist. Watching the generous selection of videos not only shared techniques but gave me a sense of her communication ability. I also knew of people who took her workshops and gave very high marks.

It wasn't too much of a stretch, then, to see that she would be a perfect fit for assisting in reaching my goals. As I look back on our sessions this year, I can see the progress being made and I'm far more confident in my abilities to produce art and critique the process. It has been so reassuring to have a trusted check-point on the path of what sometimes feels directionless.

While I'm delighted in our mentoring results, I also know that Pamela is a true professional, committed to the art community, and will succeed in all she undertakes - online classes, workshops, art portfolio, etc. - and she will generously share the experience."
-Diane Sandlin, Austin, TX

"I just finished a fabulous class with Pam Caughey, an 'Oil and Wax Workshop - Dynamic Color and Powerful Design'. I have never had an instructor that was more prepared for a class or that went into detail about making your work better through the fundamental elements of design and value. This is invaluable information that applies to any medium and something I have never been exposed to with any of my other instructors. This is information that I can now apply to any art making I do. Pam was also very generous in offering constructive advice and encouragement. I would love to take another class from Pam. She has a wealth of information to share." -Deborah Campbell, Newcastle, WA

“I thoroughly enjoyed this class Pam! My technical expertise is stronger since taking this class. I feel I have a better understanding of design principles- my palette will be serving me much better now that I understand the importance of mixing compatible colors and the sophistication it brings to our work. I actually like mixing paint! Allowing us to observe you working is a true gift. I cannot express how helpful that is! It totally opens up my thinking about my process - what I make maybe too difficult or what I don’t give it the true attention it deserves. Just so great!”
-Lynn Alker, Raleigh, NC

“Somehow Pamela has distilled a one year college level colour and design course into three mornings of concise instruction. She taught as if she was creating a cold wax painting. Giving us information in layers, then burnishing, polishing, then reworking our weak areas until we began to understand the concepts, then the process.

She wanders from student to student, guiding, encouraging, cajoling, advising, teaching, demonstrating, always with that enigmatic half smile that also adorns the Mona Lisa. It is a mixed crew she is dealing with, heavy in talent and years, with a delightful variety of personalities. Her patience with me, a borderline Aspergers, is almost saintlike. She is the kind of teacher that makes me a better person, or at least want to be one.”
-Rein Reiart