Sue White

ASM 1: Study in Umber

Study in Umber, 20x16, Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel , 2022

Four Panels -- Mixed Media (Acrylic, Graphite, Charcoal, Solid Markers, Oil Sticks, Collage) The three main focuses of this series are the monochromatic color palette, shape and mark making. Because I love color, this neutral color palette was challenging but fun, and I will definitely do more. I loved working in a series. The last piece I finished was Snowflake, which was also the most minimalist. It had been the busiest and that is probably why it was the last I completed. When I examined it for the umpteenth time, the only things I loved were the three light shapes in the upper right quadrant. Mark Rothko entered my mind and I finished the painting with 20ish coats of glaze mixed from various transparent brown and black colors finished with a glaze coat of Payne's Gray to neutralize the red. I loved this process! This note will go in my sketchbook for more exploration.

Artist statement

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