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  1. What is My New Pro Membership?

My New Pro Membership (PRO) is a long-term solution to sustainable artistic growth. It is not one of those quick-fix memberships that give you small bits of a wide variety of information because PRO provides you with a clear success path that you can follow at your own pace. It is neither a workshop nor a course, but a sure METHOD that will vastly shorten your learning curve, help you improve faster, and overcome fear and procrastination. The membership consists of targeted master classes, each designed to truly discover your unique, personal voice and lift your art to another level.


My Pro membership will help you gain confidence so you can ultimately critique your own work. Sure, feedback is helpful, but in the end, you are your own best critic, as you know what you want to say more than anyone else. With targeted monthly lessons, I help you sharpen your understanding of design and colour, which allows you to focus on featuring what you LOVE. When you know who you are and begin to create the work you LOVE, the approval of others won’t matter. You will KNOW in your heart that "this is YOU". My PRO membership provides my proven "success path" that is "custom fit" for each artist. This is why there is no competition within the membership! Simply focus on your personal path to greatness and share in our private Facebook group as you discover all that you and your art can be. As a PRO member, you’ll be part of a strong, supportive group that’s always ready to offer encouragement and support.


  1. Why Join My New Pro Membership?

If you keep going on the same path you’re on, you will likely continue to have ups and downs in your art that can be frustrating, overwhelming, and lead to fear and procrastination. This is the vicious cycle I used to be in. Instead, follow the unique SUCCESS path that I’ve created for myself and for all artists who wish to overcome uncertainty, frustrations, procrastination, and a variety of other struggles. If only I had had a SUCCESS Path to follow, I would have eliminated DECADES of struggle and pain. This is what I want for you and all artists who wish to have a clear path to success.


My SUCCESS Path leads you on a progressive journey, beginning with discovering who YOU are. This first critical step is what differentiates PRO from other existing memberships that feed you endless studio tours but don’t help you create your BEST art. In PRO, I provide monthly targeted lessons on one KEY, "MUST HAVE" TOPIC". We not only do a deep dive into who you are, but also explore how you perceive the seven design elements and how you respond to each one. Once you’ve grasped who you are with regard to line, shape, color, texture, etc., I will provide you with instruction on 8 abstract compositions to help you create dynamic, strong work. These abstract compositions allow you to organize your thoughts and feature what you love. My PRO membership reinforces every facet of my flagship color and design course, Powerful Design and Personal Color, with lots of communication from a supportive PRO Facebook group and me!


  1. What is the PRO Membership SUCCESS Path?

My SUCCESS Path includes several Master Class lessons for each of these FIVE stages: 1) Discover your soul (Look for CLUES in your own life), 2) Play (focus on the Design Elements), 3) Explore (Learn problem solving ways to get UNSTUCK, 4) Clarify (Refine and FINISH your work), and 5) Celebrate (professional topics!).

 4.1 Discover Your Soul

This is the first stage in the pro membership success path. It starts with YOU. This stage is CRITICAL and represents a time for deep introspection, which helps you look at your life to get valuable clues and appreciate who YOU are and what you love. The bottom-line here is to spend the time it takes to really know who you are and what makes you, as an artist UNIQUE. Once you see how no one in the world loves exactly what you do, you can begin to feature your personality in your work!

 4.2 Play

Knowing WHO you are is followed by the next stage in my SUCCESS Path: FUN and PLAY as you take further deep dives into your personal aesthetic as it relates to the 7 design elements (without fear or procrastination): line, colour, shape, size, texture, direction, and value. Each targeted master class helps you crystallize your personal visual language of art. Understanding how YOU wish to express yourself using the seven elements of design is the backbone of success in every work of art you create! During PLAY, you let go of expectations and instead focus on discovery and creativity, which flourish when you allow yourself to let go and just have FUN.

 4.3 Explore

In the “Explore Stage”, you’ll be painting in earnest, encountering road blocks that all artists face – but instead of being stuck, I will provide you with many, many solutions that surround 8 powerful Abstract Compositions to make your voice STRONG and POWERFUL. You will incorporate everything you discovered in "Discover Your Soul" and "PLAY" and compose your paintings featuring your own interpretation of the 7 design elements. This is YOU, YOUR personal voice that will be unlike any other PRO member’s voice, and this in itself is empowering and a HUGE confidence builder—to know that NO ONE in the world can paint like you! Regardless of what genre of art you wish to pursue, each master class is dedicated to your thorough understanding of how to solve problems, get unstuck, and move forward.

 4.4 Clarify

After you’ve created your abstract compositions, we will bring them to the finish line with finesse, sensitivity, and subtlety. This is your "signature"! It is what sets your work apart from any other artist in the world! The stage focuses on putting the final touches on your work, so make sure your values and what you wish to feature are CLEAR. After achieving powerful design, personal color, and refining and editing, your work will positively express YOUR VOICE in a unique and exciting way, exuding your confidence and belief in yourself!

 4.5 Celebrate

This is the final stage in the pro membership success path. We will discuss professional topics of interest to the whole PRO group and celebrate many, many types of "success", from overcoming fear and procrastination, forming a new art group, to landing solo exhibitions and winning awards. As you can see, your SUCCESS Path is unique, unlike anyone else's, and it is meant to be a "custom fit" for YOU! There is no competition, no comparing your work to others; the emphasis is on YOU and making your unique contribution to art the best it can be.

  1. EACH Master Class delivers short, targeted lessons

Each pro membership master class is important in the success path. Each lesson builds on the previous one—much like climbing a hill. To achieve the best results, follow each Master Class lesson frequently. This is not a race. It is a marathon, which requires focus, action, and accountability! This is your chance to make it happen!

  1. Helping Artists Know How to Critique Their Own Work? PRICELESS!

The key thing that any artist must know is the essence of learning and grasping the tools that help them critique their own work. Everybody wants to have someone else critique their work. This should not be the case because everything comes down to you, as you’re your own best critic.

Pro membership helps you to learn how to critique your work by triggering the separation of your left side of the brain from being too hyper-critical to the point of shutting you down from the confidence that your right-side of the brain brings regarding what is working. As an artist, you’re bound to have many questions about pro membership and the afore-mentioned issues. I would be happy to answer those questions.

Pro will teach you how to evaluate your work throughout the creative process. This will help you to know what criteria to use when measuring both how well the design is working and how you FEEL about your work! You’ll gain the necessary confidence to know what you wish to say. In other words, PRO will help you express this!

All in all - PRO is a community of dedicated and passionate artists that are seeking to deliver authentic and powerful work. We hope you’ll join us! Enrollment is twice per year (spring and fall) or by application. 



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